Dr Bpang


A recently announced project that I participated in as a Freelance Supervisor. I was responsible for the quality control of shading (not all), lighting, rendering, and compositing of all shots in this project.

Working with most of the members remotely rather than on-site was a challenge. To ensure progress, except for the main work as a supervisor, planning, and team management. I was also directly involved in many vital shots and provided technical support to all team members.




OMG3 is a famous mobile game run by VNG. This project has the participation of many good artists with a large budget for a cinematic game.

I am fortunate to be responsible for the entire Post-Production part of the project as a Lead Project and to be directly involved in some of the complex work. Except for the character models provided by the client, all the rest is responsible for my team, led by me. I have carefully planned the pipeline that includes X-gen for the entire characters.

This is one of the projects where I have written the most tools to support the Environment. Among the most prominent was the entire battle scene was 100% procedural. Scatter objects on the ground or liquids will completely change according to the artist’s adjustment of the ground height through direct sculpting in Maya.



A project I participated directly in as Technical Director and Lighting Ldev Lead. I’ve designed a workflow that makes rendering dance scenes a one-off, even if the client has desired changes to the rhythm or the lights transition after rendering.

I designed a tool that synchronizes the light movement in the render and the real-time viewport, making it possible to smoothly animate the lights without waiting for the render. Once they finish animating, that information will be packaged and sent straight to Nuke to directly change the motion of the render sequence, thanks to another gizmo I’ve built in Nuke.

In this way, when any changes come from the client, the animator can edit and export the light dataset to the compositor immediately without waiting for a re-render.

I also directly participate in and direct the layout and lighting of the project. The lighting and light banners in the city scene are also optimized for adjustment using procedural and scripting.